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Do you want to live life more fully, more authentically and more meaningfully, right down to the core of your existence?

Pared down, the MAD Seminar is just a setup to play with some different ideas and new experiences.

It is a space: a theatre stage on which you are the main character and your life story the central plot.

That makes it almost impossible to describe: the very experience of taking the seminar is determined by who you are, what you bring into the room and what you want to take away from it.

The only response to “What is MAD about?” is to ask loaded questions in return: “Do you want to make a greater difference and contribution through your everyday involvement?”; “Do you want to feel more present, purposeful, satisfied and inspired by your life?”

Of course these are loaded questions because the only honest answer is ‘Yes’.

Nevertheless, that is exactly what the MAD Seminar is about.

It is a pure transformational experience that is fully created by you, your curiosity and even your courage to know more and experience more of your true identity and meaning in life.

The event works because it is an impeccable space with prompts and tools that find and release your innate potential and true self for living your life with value, despite being in today’s world of untold stressors, contradictions and practical pressures of endurance.

No matter how far we have come in our personal journeys of exploration, the same three questions can be asked again and again: ‘Who am I?’, ‘Why am I here?’, ‘What is my purpose?’

Abundantly more of what matters and transforms can be revealed right now from within – by you.
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