About MAD

The MAD core seminar is a transformative learning event

It uses experiential dynamics, rather than teaching or training, so that the individual determines and controls their own development and growth.

As a personal journey of discovery, it is designed to bring about positive, permanent shifts in the quality of life, by realising more of your true identity and catalysing more of your innate potential.

After an orientation evening, there are three days of guided exploration, breakthrough, transformation and realisation to arrive at a new place of experience and self-expression. A place that is more ‘you’ than ever before.

Each day lasts from 9am until around 10pm at night, possibly later if the MAD facilitator deems the group experience needs more time to arrive at the desired point before leaving.

The key to the seminar is participation. Whilst you will not be forced to speak or engage should you not wish to, the benefits and positive outcomes of the seminar are directly linked to real involvement, not detached observation.

Making a difference is all about personal impact – and it starts by every individual knowing that their participation and shared experience makes a difference to everyone else in the room with them.


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