Category: Graduate Comments

Comments from May 2015 onwards – quotable comments from graduates.

Mark Vickers - Creative Networks 0

Courageous, Generous People

I must admit, the first couple of days after the MAD seminar, I felt as if I had been whacked in the head with a baseball bat! None of my normally-reliable thought patterns seemed...

Mervyn Frost – Singer Songwriter 0

Fun, Heartwarming, Moving

Nothing has changed and everything is different. Everything’s the same and everything is better. Inner growth cannot be measured from the outside. The seminar revealed directly to me personally the massive power and endless...

Paul Emmet - writer and civil activist 0

Vitality, Humour, Learning

The experience was one of the best guides to modern living I could imagine, Kim was bristling with vitality, humour, wisdom and always on-point; I consider it a privilege to be involved and urge...

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