Is MAD For Me?

It would be wrong for anyone to think they need to take the MAD seminar.

People need to eat, be well, love and do a bunch of things: they don’t need the MAD seminar.

It is, however, for those hungry for something more.

The paradox is that we can be both satisfied and hungry for more adventure and experience at the same time.

But MAD only works if you have at least partially moved beyond wanting to prove a point in life; needing to show others that you are a valuable member of the team, as a matter of self-worth.

So, the core topic of this event is about choosing, and experientially learning, how to make a greater difference for the rest of our lives.
Making a difference is all around personal impact – which comes directly out of personal experience and how we connect with that, express it and use it best.

That said, it not an isolated altruistic activity as it is also the greatest source of personal satisfaction and meaning in our own lives; to that end it works inside and out as it were.

The seminar will provide some remarkable tools with which to make a greater difference and live life more fully; through using true intelligence and natural, transformative energy. But it all comes from you.

The thing to remember is that you are your own best teacher and unless you have taught yourself everything you need to know there is further you want to take yourself … and this is a means to that end.

If you want a quick exercise in telling yourself what’s next for you, fill out the self-assessment tool and see what happens.

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