MAD Self Assessment

Please feel free to try out part of the MAD Self Assessment process below. It has been carefully designed, based on the core principles behind the MAD seminar. When you fill in and submit your answers, Kim Coe (MAD’s main facilitator) will send you a reflective response, which you may should find interesting in its own right – plus she will say whether MAD may suit you or recommend alternative sources if there is not a good mutual ‘fit’ given the nature of the event and your stated goals.
Whether or not you are thinking about participating in a MAD seminar, we think you’ll find this an enjoyable and meaningful means of reflecting on where you are in your life – a form of ‘stocktaking’ if you like.
The form may take around half an hour to complete: some of the questions may require a little thought – so grab the comfy chair and a cup of coffee, and step right in. If you find yourself stuck on a question, try just answering as quickly as possible, taking the first thing that pops into your head: there are no ‘right’ answers – just answers.
If you prefer, we can arrange to send you an offline form into which you can type your responses – click here if you would like one.
We appreciate that you may find yourself giving some answers that are quite personal: please be reassured that all information is completely confidential, and will be deleted as soon as the exchange between you and MAD is complete.
(You may choose to keep a copy, however, should you choose to participate in one of the seminars.)
Please click here to start the Assessment Tool, or fill it in below:

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