Madmanagers Hospitality Seminar

Thank you for the level of authentic and natural service that is a constant quality in every one of your staff. I look forward to my visits with you.

In all the hotels I have stayed in, I have never felt so well taken care of nor so genuinely treated as a real guest and not just another punter.

I regularly recommend friends and colleagues to stay with you and they regularly thank me for the wonderful experience they have.

Do hospitality providers get this kind of praise for design, food, beds and cleanliness? No, although critical, they cannot compare to having aware, attuned and connected people creating an uplifting experience of natural service at its best.

Inherent within all of us is the capacity for empathy: the root and soul of service.

Whether we call it affinity, rapport or responsiveness, it is what makes the difference. Madhospitality is about releasing innate potential for greater empathy and social awareness skills, together with the application tools to make a difference.

The training applies equally to managers and support staff, as how we treat each other inevitably comes out in how we treat guests, whatever acts and words we use.

The word service is synonymous with appropriateness, value and even kindness in its full expression. You cannot teach people techniques for that, you can only have them identify, draw out and learn to embody it, as a personal desire for making a difference.

Madhospitality is run as a one-day catalyst workshop, a three-day course or an extended programme, depending on requirements or the need to test the validity of something that offers unconditional transformation.

Transformation for those wanting to be more effective, more self-managing and to feel more satisfied and energised in daily service.

The question then is what would that do to your service impact and returning guests?

For further information on this please email us at

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